We are committed to ensuring we have systems in place to safeguard the welfare of children. This includes working in partnership with other relevant organisations to ensure we provide care that is safe and that we proactively identify children and young people who are at risk.

The measures we have in place includes:

  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks for staff in accordance with statutory employment regulations.

  • Children's Safeguarding policies and systems which work in partnership with our local stakeholders. These are systematically reviewed to ensure they meet national guidance and recommendations as a result of children's safeguarding cases. This is part of the Trust's commitment to ensure continuous improvement in its processes to protect children and young people.

  • Processes to follow up missed outpatient appointments, which includes flagging up where there are specific concerns about the safety and welfare of vulnerable children and young people.     

  • Children's Safeguarding training for new and current staff in line with national guidance. 

  • A Children's Safeguarding Team which includes a named professionals with clear roles and responsibilities for supporting the safeguarding agenda. Children's Safeguarding roles and responsibilities are clearly defined in all staff job descriptions. 

  • Board level executive leadership for safeguarding is provided by the Chief Nurse who reports directly to the Board on any concerns within the Trust. An audit programme is in place to provide assurance around safeguarding processes. Regular reports are reviewed within the Trust's governance committee structures. 

  • Safeguarding procedures within our Trust are set out clearly within the Trust's safeguarding policy and further enhanced with department specific guidance. In addition, the Emergency Department has a link nurse in place who has specific responsibilities for safeguarding issues.

For information please contact the Children's Safeguarding Team