Become a member

As an NHS Foundation Trust, we have governors and members, who all have a say in how we run our three hospitals. 

Membership is either public or staff.

Public membership

Open to all for members of the public to register if they are at least 16 years old and live within our membership area:

  • Greater Peterborough

  • Huntingdonshire

  • Stamford and South Lincolnshire

Membership is open to all patients and visitors - past and present:

  • Tell us about your hospital experiences and how we can make them better
  • Help us shape changes so we can give you the best patient experience we possibly can

To become a member you can complete our online form

Alternatively, you can give your details via email - contact or complete your application over the telephone by calling 01733 678024  

Staff membership

Any individual employed by us on a permanent contract, or a temporary contract for at least 12 months will automatically be made a member unless you choose to opt-out.

Staff areas are split into the three sites represented:

  • Peterborough City Hospital

  • Hinchingbrooke Hospital

  • Stamford and Rutland Hospital

All membership is free and members will receive:

  • Our quarterly magazine - Pulse
  • Invitations to events - like our annual general meeting and patient involvement groups
  • Eligibility to join NHS - visit 

Members can stand for election as governors - other members vote them in.