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Our team of Volunteers make such an amazing difference to both staff and patients at our hospitals.

New volunteer initiatives have been introduced to work in collaboration with other staff and to help patients whilst they are inpatients and during their time in the Emergency Department. Our Emergency Department volunteers grew from a team of 2 to a thriving team of 30 during 2022. The growth we've experienced this year has allowed the trust to support more patients in even more ways, including end-of-life support, emotional support in highly populated Emergency Departments and connecting patients to loved ones.

In total, we have a team of 395 volunteers who have contributed 45,921 hours of unpaid service in various roles. We also recruited 154 new volunteers last year. Our volunteers benefit from experience from different generations, with ages ranging from 16 all the way to 89. 

Our volunteer roles complement paid staff and provide meaningful opportunities for people to make a big difference in varied roles. Volunteers provide practical and emotional support for patients, staff and visitors, every day and are recognised as part of the NHS team and are integral to the Trust and its mission of working together to be the best at providing outstanding care for local communities. We encourage community members to apply for voluntary work and pro-actively encourage their involvement in our work.

  • Help others
  • Give something back
  • Learn new skills
  • Make new friends/reduce isolation
  • Improve employment prospects
  • Increase in confidence/Self esteem
  • Be involved in the local community

To be considered for any of our opportunities and to become a member of our Voluntary Services Team we ask that you meet the following criteria:

  • 18 years old or over (16 or 17 for some specific roles) 
  • Able to attend induction and training as required during working week hours (8.30-5pm)
  • Committed to volunteering regularly, approximately 3-4 hours every week
  • Eligible to volunteer in the UK
  • Caring, reliable, dependable and have excellent communication skills
  • Live within a 20 mile radius of the hospital (if claiming out of pocket expenses)
  • Be prepared to work within the values & behaviour guidelines of the Trust   

Please be aware that our volunteer office does not manage work experience interests or applications and these should be directed to the relevant department. Click here to learn more about work experience.

Volunteers Annual Report July 2021 - 2023

As a Trust we are committed to offering a safe and fair selective recruitment process with the main aim of recruiting the volunteers that closely matches the skills, experience and time commitment clearly stated in the role descriptions.  

Typically the process to becoming a registered Volunteer at the Trust can take 5/6 weeks to complete.

As part of our commitment to safer recruitment volunteers need to:

  • Submit an application
  • Attend an informal interview (if short-listed)
  • Complete an Enhanced DBS check (providing 3 identification documents)
  • Occupational Health Check form
  • Provide two suitable references (one of which must be professional)
  • Attend a 'Volunteer induction'(a full day induction training)

Once the process and checks have been completed you may be invited to attend any training linked to your specific role and then offered a start date to shadow an experienced volunteer or member of staff.

Volunteers are able to park free of charge only when carrying out volunteer duties, you will receive a volunteer uniform and be issued with an identity badge upon completion of this process.

You can view all our available volunteer roles by clicking on this link:

NWA Current Volunteering Opportunities

If you find a suitable role, in the current vacancies, you can submit an application using our online process.

Should you require further assistance to apply or a copy of an easy read application form please contact the hospital’s volunteer office or email our volunteer coordinators for more information.

Hinchingbrooke Hospital 

hch-tr.volunteering@nhs.net or  01480 416416 (ext 8938 or 3554) 

Peterborough City and Stamford Hospital

nwangliaft.volunteer@nhs.net or 01733 673385