Emotional Wellbeing Service

Emotional Wellbeing Service

It’s important to look after our health and wellbeing. The Trust offers staff lots of options to get the help they need. Please click the tabs below to find out more about each area of the service.

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The Emotional Wellbeing Service has been developed to help any staff member with their emotional and personal wellbeing. It offers staff a safe space where you can talk about the challenges you have faced, are facing and the feelings these may have brought up for you. These issues may be connected to work, but they don’t have to be, as life and all our other commitments bring their own complexities.

The Emotional Wellbeing team has been established to help any staff member with their emotional and personal well-being given the challenging jobs we do every day, and the other stressors outside of work that we may be facing. The team is made up of:

•Dr Sarah Ronaghan, Clinical Psychologist

•Paula Wilkinson, Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist

To access this service please contact: Staff Advice & Liaison Service (01733 678111) or via email nwangliaft.sals@nhs.net to check availability for either drop-in slot on the day or to pre-book an appointment (all appointments up to 60 minutes). You can come alone or bring a colleague for support.

Data protection and confidentiality:

 We want you to know what we do with the brief notes we take when we see you:

•They will be kept in a confidential manner - either locked in a physical filing cabinet or electronically held in a closed IT drive (one accessible to just the people who will be in direct contact with you e.g. Sarah, Paula – other staff have joined our team and may do so again as time goes on)

•The purpose of the brief notes are that they would be used as a document to aid a helpful outcome. They hopefully will include something that you could take a way (you will be given a copy) and so that we can account for how the session was used.

• The person you see will ask you how you would like the document to be disposed of in the future; whether you want us to hand the notes to Occupational Health for their records or whether you want them destroyed.

•Confidentiality will be breached if we were concerned about your safety and/or the safety of others. However we would always endeavour to have a conversation with you about this prior to discussion with anyone else.