Staff accommodation

Staff accommodation

Accommodation is available on the Peterborough City Hospital campus and the Hinchingbrooke Hospital campus only

  • All bedrooms are single occupancy only
  • Kitchens are fully equipped so residents are able to prepare meals
  • Basic bedding is provided

More details below

  • 111 bedroom building
  • All bedrooms are en-suite    
  • Open plan lounge, kitchen diner shared between 4 people    
  • Internet is chargeable   
  • No TV in the bedroom, but there is TV in the lounge  
  • On-site laundry


  • Nights 1-3: £39 per night

  • Nights 4-7: £25 per night (e.g. 4 nights would be: 3 x £39.00 + 1 x £25.00, a total of £142.00)

  • 8 nights plus: £20 per night (e.g. 9 nights would be: 3 x £39.00 + 4 x £25.00 + 2 x £20.00 a total of £257.00)

  • Monthly: £475

  • 20 shared houses (49 bedrooms in total)
  • No en-suite facilities
  • Shared bathrooms, toilets, kitchen and lounge
  • Internet is chargeable
  • No TV's in these buildings
  • Washing machine in kitchen



  • £22 per night
  • £410 monthly

All Accommodation buildings are based on the Hinchingbrooke site.

Alexandra House - 4 Bed-Shared Flats
Single room within a 4 bed-shared flat
Shared areas are kitchen, bathroom and toilet
Fully Furnished
All linen is supplied
Flats are male/female only
-£325.85 - £345.99pcm
Payments are to be made in monthly in advance if not being deducted via salary

Single room in a 2/3 bed-shared flat
Shared areas are sitting room (depending on above), kitchen, bathroom and toilet
All linen is supplied
Flats are male/female only
Linen is available
Cookers and Fridges are provided
2/3 Bed-Shared Flats/Houses
Single room & private sitting room
Fully Furnished
Cookers and Fridges are provided.
-£504.78pcm - with private sitting room and bedroom

Self Contained 1 Bedroom
Double bedroom, sitting room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet
Fully furnished
Cookers and Fridges provided
  • Monthly Rates listed available to staff working for North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust for bookings minimum of 1 month.
  • Tenancy Agreements (2x month maximum)
  • £17.50 per night.
  • Students - £7.37 per night
  • Wi-Fi not available
  • No en-suite facilities
  • Additional costing Laundry Room available
The demand for accommodation is high, we cannot guarantee availability.                         

Contact Laura Martin, Accommodation Manager - or EXT 6177.