Dannii, Critical Care Nurse


Why the NHS and North West Anglia?

I have always thought about the NHS as one big family, all working towards the same goal of providing safe and effective patient care, after all we do our jobs because we care. I knew working for the NHS I would be given many opportunities to develop my career as I go along, and fulfil my potential. I am local to this area, having previously worked in Peterborough City Hospital I now work in Hinchingbrooke Hospital, it has been nice to see more of the Trust from a wider perspective. The NHS as an employer offers a great pension scheme and can often accommodate family-friendly working patterns so your personal life doesn’t have to be put on hold for doing something you love.

Why did you want to move into the role you’re currently in?

Having experience in a fast paced acute area of nursing I wanted to move into a role that was challenging but also rewarding in equal amounts.  Critical care units look after some of the sickest patients and often offer a one to one approach in nursing care which very much appealed to me and why I was so keen to apply.

Tell us about your role?

As a critical care nurse, I look after a wide range of patients, young and old. This can include pre- and post-operative patients. Many of the patients who are admitted to critical care have life threatening health problems and require close monitoring and intense treatments. This can range from general personal patient care to managing lifesaving medical equipment that our patients rely on for a successful recovery.

I work with an incredible team, carefully carrying out risk assessments on a daily and nightly basis. As a team we monitor and analyse vital observations and blood tests, manage essential medical equipment such as ventilators and hemofiltration machines, as well as deliver personal and specialised nursing care. We work closely with the Doctors and are timely with implementing any orders we receive. We adhere to the Trust policies and procedures and stay alert for any changes in order to working safely and appropriately.

What do you love about your role?

Critical care is a friendly, positive and challenging environment to work in and I find the teamwork and support impeccable. With one to one nursing I am able to dedicate my time to that one patient alone. I find this job rewarding as I am very much involved in my patients journey and I am lucky enough to care for them, watch them recover and become well enough to be stepped down onto other wards or ideally discharged home. I am able to form a closer rapport with not only my patient but with their relatives and friends. I also love that I am fortunate enough to work alongside many multidisciplinary teams and specialities who are often very involved in our patient’s needs. This I feel boosts my knowledge and skill set in order to help my patients more.

What are the benefits of working for North West Anglia? 

The community feel is very prevalent working within Team North West Anglia. There is also a good sense of acknowledgement for staff achievements and accomplishments and a great pension scheme offered to staff. Over and above is our Trust charity which has been a great source of support for all departments within the Trust. The trust values are very much upheld in every aspect of care and patient interaction, working positively together in a genuinely respectful, caring and compassionate manner whilst putting our patients first.

As staff we are also funded and offered relevant courses at local universities to enhance and further our learning.

How has your role developed during your time at North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust, tell us about your journey at NWAngliaFT/in the NHS?

I worked as a Healthcare Assistant in Peterborough City Hospitals Emergency Department for over 4 years where I gained invaluable experience and lifelong friends. I have since completed my nursing degree where I studied at Peterborough University for 3 years. I worked on the Acute Assessment Unit at Hinchingbrooke Hospital for over 2 years, gaining more knowledge and experience in a fast paced and acute environment, before moving into my current role on the Critical Care Unit. From becoming a nurse having previously worked as a healthcare assistant I have been able to appreciate the positive effects of what good team work can provide and deliver to a unit.

How has Covid-19 impacted on your role?

It is a stressful and challenging time to say the least, not only from the physical effects of full PPE attire but to the complex needs of our patient’s health complaints. As a team we are even more vigilant with our daily practice as well as more involving and understanding towards the families of our patients. During this pandemic we have pushed ourselves to provide the best care to our patients, as well as looking after ourselves, our colleagues and our families in the process too.