Harun, Business Admin Apprentice

Harun - case study.jpg

Why did you want to join the apprenticeship scheme?

I really wanted to improve the skills I need to start a career in business administration. I enjoy the routine of business administration but knew that I needed to get some experience to move into a career. The apprenticeship on offer at North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust enables me to learn and acquire skills on the job, allowing me to build up my confidence and ability to succeed in my desired career.

I am so happy to be working in the NHS, I love the fact that my work is helping to care for patients. North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust have been great and I am so happy to have the opportunity to be on this apprenticeship. I am extremely grateful for how the Trust have helped me to progress both in a work and personal capacity. I feel I am making the right steps towards a career in business administration.

Tell us about your role?

My role sits within the safeguarding office and in my role I have to make sure that patient information is correct and up to date every day. I do this on the hospital’s major digital systems, e-track and Medway. I thoroughly enjoy overseeing the data, the responsibility that the Trust puts in me, it makes me feel like I am an important member of the team. The routine of my work is also great, it helps me to concentrate and makes me feel comfortable.

What do you love about your role?

I love working in the NHS, the team I am in are all so helpful and kind. They have really helped me to settle into my role and enjoy it. The whole hospital environment is amazing, I feel safe and comfortable wherever I am in the hospital. The routine of the work and my day is also helpful, allowing me to focus on my work and learn as much as I can to help develop my career.

What do you like most about the Trust?

I love the atmosphere around the trust. I feel part of a family and everyone makes the time and effort to ask you how you are and help whenever you have a problem. I know that this is a place where I can be myself and make a difference to people’s lives.  

How has your role developed over the years, tell us about your journey?

I started at North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust as a volunteer, helping to create easy read leaflets for patients with a learning disability. The manager of this team then helped me to secure an internship doing this work. I loved this because I could see the difference I was making in lifting barriers for patients who could not access our usual leaflets.

I told the Trust that I wanted to build a career in business administration, and they helped me to find the kind of apprenticeship that would help me to flourish and build the skills I need.