The Breast Screening Team is another team who work behind the scenes to ensure that women aged between 50 and 70 receive regular breast screening appointments to identify any potential risks of breast cancer.    


Prior to the pandemic the team of five would help to organise screening clinics of 50+ women a day in the screening van and 30 a day in the clinic. However, during the first lockdown screening was halted and women were advised to be breast aware and contact their GP if they had any concerns which was of great concern to the entire team. Since relaunching in July the team have quickly had to adapt to a new invitation process and catch-up to ensure that all of the women who had appointments postponed during lockdown are seen as a priority.     

Megan Calton, Breast Screening Office Manager, said: “It has been hard work, but everyone has pulled together. We’ve been able to recruit another two members to the team to cope with the additional calls and workload, extended our clinic times where possible and added a Saturday clinic most weeks. Currently we can only see 30 women a day in our screening van and around 16 a day in clinic to cater for social distancing and the cleans between each patient. Some women have been frightened to come along to appointments, so we have been reassuring them that our Mammographers only see one person at a time and wear full PPE. We have one-way systems in place and we have had to implement new ways of working to keep everyone as safe as possible.”   

Jayne Blackbourn, Breast Services Administration Manager, said: “I am incredibly proud of the way that the whole team has pulled together to book as many women into our clinics as possible. Women have understandably had lots of questions about how we are keeping everyone safe and the team have been alleviating those concerns and providing support. It has been a busy time, but the team have continued to remain upbeat and professional throughout so that we can maintain our service for our patients.”