Communications Team

Our communications team has a really diverse remit and it’s hard to explain in a sentence exactly what they do – in fact it’s sometimes easier to ask what they don’t do! It keeps the team on their toes though, and gives them an insight into pretty much every department and service the hospital has to offer.

The dynamic team work across the two main sites and perform a 24/7 on-call function so they can be ready, day or night, to help deal with any urgent messages we need to publish to our staff and patients.

The team is also responsible for writing and producing the hospital magazine, The Pulse, and compiling special briefings to update staff on key news and information. In addition, the team members liaise with local and national media either in response to enquiries or to publicise the brilliant work of their colleagues across the organisation. They are also regularly seen clutching a camera to capture special moments in our hospitals – such as charitable donations and staff awards.

“Although we may not come into contact with patients every day, we always have patient experience at the forefront of our minds,” says Mandy Ward, Head of Communications. “We manage the Trust’s range of busy social media accounts which sees the team answering any number of requests from our patients, the general public and our staff. It can often be very demanding but we recognise the importance of being accessible to these groups and it’s a brilliant way of engaging with everyone.”

During the pandemic and any major incident situation, the communications team is part of the Hospital Control Team, playing an integral part in creating and publishing messages across the organisation, to the public and to other organisations we work closely with such as primary care and ambulance trusts.

“We all very much enjoy our wide-ranging roles and we work well together,” says Mandy. “No day is ever the same and although it can be a high-pressure environment, we also get the honour of planning Trust events such as our Outstanding Achievement Awards where we celebrate the staff that continue to go above and beyond for our patients and their colleagues. Nothing beats the feeling of being able to say thank you to our NHS heroes and we feel privileged to be a part of that workforce.”