Hinchingbrooke Hospital Maternity

Discovering you are pregnant is one of the most exciting times of your life and the preparation for a new baby should be an enjoyable experience. As well as the excitement, there's a lot to think about and plan.

To provide you with the quality service you deserve, and to help us involve you in the decisions around your care, we will encourage you to tell staff about your needs and expectations so that your pregnancy, delivery and postnatal care can be planned according to your wishes as much as possible.

Every mother will be under the care of either a midwife or consultant obstetrician.

Midwifery-led care

For the majority of women, the care you receive will be midwife-led and you'll have the option to give birth at home or in hospital.

Consultant-led care

Consultant obstetricians are medical doctors who specialise in more complex births and pregnancies. Some mothers require additional care during pregnancy because of an exiting or new medical condition or pregnancy-related problem. The multidisciplinary team (obstetrics, medial consultants, anaesthetics and paediatricians) will provide support for your pregnancy as required and together you will discuss your options for care and work in partnership to meet your needs.



To self-refer for Maternity Care at either Peterborough City or Hinchingbrooke Hospital please register at www.mypregnancynotes.com

You will need to have an email address to register and use My Pregnancy Notes

Self-referral through My Pregnancy Notes will give you access to the full functionality while you wait for your booking appointment

Please see the leaflet for more information and help.  Also check out this video for more about My Pregnancy Notes and what you can do.

If you are Out Of Area – please have a read of this leaflet

Any other hospital of your choice - your community midwife will discuss your options with you at your booking appointment.