Your maternity notes

Your maternity notes

Once your pregnancy is confirmed you should contact your GP surgery, children's centre (if your GP is in March, Chatteris, Doddington or Manea) or the Community Midwifery Team directly:

You will be asked to pick up a pregnancy pack which has information about the screening tests offered in pregnancy, smoking cessation and other useful information. Please ensure that you read the screening test information before you meet your midwife for the first time at your booking appointment.

Your pregnancy hand-held records will also be in the pack. Please read through the information on the inside pages and complete as much of the information as you can. Do not worry if you cannot complete it all as your midwife will go through the record when you meet. These notes will be a complete record of your pregnancy and should be taken to all antenatal or pregnancy-related appointments and carried with you at all times.