Maternity inpatients

Maternity inpatients

Maternity inpatients - Sunflower
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Location: Level 1 in the Women and Children’s Unit at Peterborough City Hospital. Take the lift or the stairs from the Women and Children's Unit to level one and turn right. You will find us towards the end of the corridor on the right-hand side. 

Ward telephone
: 01733 677222

If you and your baby are well after you have given birth, you will both be transferred to our Maternity inpatients ward, where you will be cared for by our friendly team of midwives. They will be on hand to provide you with any advice and support you may need.

Visiting times:

  • Partners: 8am to 8pm 
  • All other visitors: 2pm to 4pm 
  • All other visitors: 6pm to 8pm    

The only children permitted on the wards are siblings of the baby and children. 

Ward facilities:

  • There are 27 beds on the ward       
  • A mixture of single rooms with en-suite facilities and bays of four beds with a shared en-suite wet room

  • Your baby will stay in a cot beside your bed

  • Each bed has access to free TV 

  • A separate eating and sitting area


During your stay - your baby will stay beside you day and night.

You will be encouraged to be as independent as you can with your baby but our midwives will be available to offer assistance and advice should you need it.

Cot linen and towels for your babies use will be provided. We do not provide nappies, clothes, cotton wool or toiletries so please ask visitors to bring them in for you if needed.

We promote breastfeeding and have a specialist feeding team who assist mothers to breastfeed. However if you chose not to breastfeed, milk is available from your midwife.

If you wish to leave the ward for any reason you should always tell the midwife on duty.

Meals are served at the bedside and there are tables in the four-bedded areas for you to eat at if you want to. 

Meal times are: 

  •    Breakfast 8am     
  •    Lunch 12noon  
  •    Dinner 5pm   

Fresh water is provided for you in a jug by your bed, hot drinks are brought round at intervals in the day.

Snacks, drinks and toiletries can be found in the shop in the foyer on the ground floor and there are various retail outlets based in the main hospital atrium.

Your midwife should give you a predicted discharge date and estimation of time of when you can expect to be discharged. It is usual when you have had a straightforward delivery to go home the same or next day.

Before you are discharged your baby will need a routine physical examination by a paediatrician or midwife. You will also be offered a hearing screen and a vaccination if this has been recommended for your baby. Any medications you need to take home will be supplied.

Once your midwife has performed all the checks for you and your baby, and the paperwork has been completed, then you may then go home.

The discharge procedure can take a few hours due to medications and paperwork. If you have urgent issues to deal with at home, you can nominate someone to return and collect your medications.

We strongly advise that you use a car seat for taking baby home.