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NWAngliaFT Maternity Safeguarding Team forms part of the Trust Safeguarding Team.

We have a Named Midwife for Safeguarding and 2 Specialist Midwives for Safeguarding who provide advice, support and guidance to the midwifery, medical and neonatal staff where there are concerns regarding vulnerable adults and children within the maternity service.

Evidence demonstrates that women with socially complex lives consistently experience poorer outcomes to pregnancy than those women who do not suffer these complexities. Acknowledging this NWAFT recognises that there are some women where routine care may not be appropriate as their needs are best served by more Specialist Midwives.

There is a team of Specialist Midwives who offer support to pregnant women with complex needs.

These include:

  • Domestic Abuse
  • Substance Misuse
  • Teenagers 18 and under 18 and those age 19 with additional complexities
  • Learning disability
  • Significant diagnosed mental illness
  • Prison

These Specialist Midwives provide a bespoke pattern of ante-natal and post-natal care for the women on their caseload.

The Specialist Midwives work closely with other agencies, such as Health Visitors, GP’s, Perinatal Mental Health Services, Children’s Centres and Children’s Social Care, to ensure the support needed continues after families have been discharged from Midwifery care. Advocating for the woman and her unborn baby.

Contact details for Specialist Midwives:

Named Midwife for Safeguarding

01733 673775 / 07802656033

Specialist Midwife for Safeguarding Hinchingbrooke

01480 418782 / 07564839359

Specialist Midwife for safeguarding Peterborough

01733 677215 / 07825934042

Safeguarding Hub

01733 673778

Specialist Midwife for Domestic Abuse and Substance Misuse


Specialist Midwife for Learning disabilities / Prison


Specialist Midwives for Mental health

07881830099 / 07881832750

Specialist Midwives for Teenagers

07881624428 / 07909536678 / 07880736603

Domestic abuse    

All women throughout their pregnancy will be assessed for medical, obstetric and social aspects of care. This assessment is to ensure appropriate advice, support and guidance and that the correct pathways are in place for a woman, her family and her new baby. These assessments are performed regardless of perceived or believed risk. 

If you, any member of your family or friends experience any form of abuse there are local agencies that can provide help and ongoing support.

In an emergency or you feel at immediate risk, please call 999.

If you find yourself in a violent or abusive domestic situation seek help, as pregnancy has been shown to increase the risk of domestic abuse, and the health of you and your baby may be at risk. Midwives are happy to discuss this and provide guidance and support.

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