Information for women that identify as Black, Asian or another Minority Ethnicity

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If you identify as a Black, Asian or a minority ethnic mother, we would like to reassure you and let you know that we as a Trust are here to support you.

There has been a lot of news around the health inequalities that families within BAME communities face, and you may have come across this. We recognise that although pregnancy remains very safe in the UK, that the recent MBBRACE report found that mothers and babies from within BAME communities were more likely to have poorer health outcomes than Caucasian mothers.

This information may worry you and therefore we wish to let you know that we are here to support you.

These are a few useful points for you to know if you are pregnant:

  • During your pregnancy if you have any concerns you can speak to you midwife. 
  • When you are in labour, your trusted birth partner can be with you to support you.
  • We have translation services available, both face to face and over the telephone. Please ask your midwife.
  • When you are staying on the ward, our staff are always on hand to offer you support. 
  • We would really appreciate if you are willing to offer any kind of feedback about your care and experiences as this will ensure we are continually reviewing and improving our services. You can do this via our PALS service.

There may be some occasions where women are diverted to alternative maternity units due the unit being extremely busy. This possibility is discussed with parents as part of their antenatal care, so they could look at alternative journeys to local units, if they so desired.  We work closely with our neighbouring maternity units to ensure women are transferred safely, including by risk assessing all patients first. We do try to avoid this where possible but please be rest assured that you will be fully involved in any decision around your care.

 Contact details for NWAngliaFT Maternity services:

  • General maternity helpline: 

If you have any concerns that your ethnicity might be affecting the type of care you are receiving you can call:

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The Maternity Team at NWAngliaFT have produced above leaflet for our BAME community. To read the leaflet click here.
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The Raham project is for mothers/mothers to be and their partners of  ethnic minority back grounds. It is dedicated  to all things related to pregnancy, childbirth and the post birth period; with an emphasis on maintaining and improving maternal mental wellbeing.