What you need to bring

What you need to bring

We advise you to pack your bag at least two weeks before you’re due to give birth:

  • Comfortable clothing to wear during labour that won’t restrict you for moving you around. You may also need a change of clothes and underwear

  • Supportive bras, including nursing bras if you are planning to breastfeed

  • Front-opening or loose-fitting nighties and tops if you are going to breastfeed

  • A washbag with toothbrush, hairbrush, flannel, soap and other toiletries

  • Dressing gown and slippers

  • Clothes (including a hat), nappies, and a blanket for the baby

  • Super-absorbent sanitary pads

  • Magazine and books to help pass the time

  • A sponge or water spray to cool you down