Postnatal Care

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The above booklet has been produced by our Local Maternity and Neonatal system to support mothers and families within our region. Healthy You have also created this poster for new mums which detail how they can help you eat well and move more. Healthy You have also put together a pre and post-natal and parents' service presentation which you can view here.


Our Maternity team have produced the below video all about what to expect after being discharged from our hospitals. We have timestamped where each section starts in case there’s a particular section you would like to hear about.

We've also put together this small postnatal video which explains what to expect postnatally within our hospital. To watch, please click here.

We love receiving feedback regarding our Maternity teams at Peterborough City and Hinchingbrooke Hospital, they are a fantastic bunch of midwives. Thank you for all the care, compassion and support you give to women, babies and their families.

We've put together this video which highlights some of the feedback that has been sent to us over the past few months and will be regularly updated with lovely messages.

If you would like to share your feedback or birthing story with us you can send us a message on Facebook or email us at, we'd love to hear from you.

A survey carried out at by the Trust highlighted that over 80% of women would like contraception provided before discharge from the Maternity Department. National guidance also recommends that postnatal woman should be counselled about contraception and provided with it as appropriate before they leave the hospital. Access to contraception has been particularly difficult during the Covid-19 pandemic.

You can speak to your midwife for more information.

Postnatal depression is a type of depression that many parents experience after having a baby.

It's a common problem, affecting more than 1 in every 10 women within a year of giving birth. It can also affect fathers and partners.

This is your personal child health record. It is the main record of your child’s health, growth and development. It contains:

  • Details of your birth and local information
  • Information and advice
  • Immunisation information
  • Screening and routine reviews
  • Your child’s firsts and growth charts
If you would like to access your maternity records please click here where you can find the relevant information under the green tab titled 'online maternity notes.'
How are you preparing your pet for the arrival of a new baby? We've got some helpful links below to help navigate staying safe around dogs to protect both baby, child and dog.

The arrival of a new baby can bring many changes to a family. Parents spend a lot of energy on preparations, and after the baby arrives, much of the family's attention involves caring for the newborn.

All this change can be hard for older siblings to handle. It's common for them to feel jealousy toward the newborn and to react to the upheaval by acting out.

But parents can prepare kids for an addition to the family. Discussing the pregnancy in terms that make sense to kids, making some arrangements, and including kids in the care of the newborn can make things easier for everyone.

For more information, click here.

This service is for anyone who has received maternity care at our hospitals, women can be self-referred or be referred by their midwife, health visitor, obstetrician or GP. This can be done at any point after the birth of your baby. 

If you would like to arrange a birth afterthoughts session then please send an email to the team via the site email where you received care at:

We do say to allow up to two weeks for a response to come back. If you don't hear back a little over two weeks then please send us a message via our Facebook page and we can look into this for you.

We love receiving feedback regarding our Maternity teams at Peterborough City and Hinchingbrooke Hospital, they are a fantastic bunch of midwives.

If you would like to share your feedback or birthing story with us, you can do so by via the following options:

  • Fill out this form
  • Send your feedback via a direct message on our Facebook page 
  • Send an email to

Your feedback will then be sent on to the relevant maternity team.

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