Meet our Outstanding Achievement Award winners

Our Team North West Anglia Outstanding Achievement Awards recognise the hard work, dedication and outstanding care given by our colleagues and teams across North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust. These awards are an opportunity to share with our local communities, some of the excellent work our teams and colleagues from across Team North West Anglia achieve on a daily basis.

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Alison and Hayley - Contribution to Patient and/or Staff Safety

We want to say a huge congratulations to both, Alison Pearson and Hayley Daines for their outstanding work introducing the Palforzia treatment to patients attending our Rainforest Outpatients Department who are allergic to peanuts. Well done on your Outstanding Contribution to Patient and/or Staff Safety Award.   
On a daily basis, the team in Rainforest see the anxiety that allergies, in particular peanut allergies, cause children and their parents. Having a child with a peanut allergy, also impacts schools with what meals they provide and what lunches other children are able to bring in, but also many foods have hidden traces of peanuts which, for a child with a severe allergy, can be detrimental. Families attending clinic report that they rarely, if ever, manage to eat our socially. Also, many families will not entertain the idea of a holiday overseas for fear of accidental exposure to peanuts on an aeroplane.

Palforzia is a treatment for people who are allergic to peanuts and can help reduce the severity of allergic reactions including anaphylaxis. The overall aim of this new service is to safely desensitise young people to peanut protein. Prior to the service starting, Alison and Hayley spent the best part of one year planning the logistics and safe role out of the service, this was all conducted alongside their current roles.

The main impact of Palforzia, is the impact it has had on the patients themselves. Living with a risk of anaphylaxis, can be terrifying both for them and their family and friends as it can be fatal. Having successfully completed this treatment on Rainforest, they now are able to live with the reassurance that, should they be exposed to peanuts, their risk of this life-threatening anaphylaxis is dramatically reduced.

Alison and Hayley’s colleagues are very proud that we can offer our patients this service in children's outpatients. Alison and Hayley have gone above and beyond to ensure their patients, who've had the most severe response to an allergic reaction, are able to manage this safely. Their work has not gone un-noticed in the department but they are very deserving of wider recognition for their work with this service and patient safety.