Doddington Respiratory Investigations

We offer a wide range of routine and advanced respiratory tests across Hinchingbrooke, Peterborough City Hospital and Doddington.  Our tests provide invaluable data for diagnosis, monitoring and treatment for a variety of respiratory conditions.

At Doddington we are able to provide the majority of the tests that are performed at our larger sites. We provide tests for patients who are under the chest consultant team and also lung function tests for patients that are referred into our direct access diagnostic lung function testing service. 

Our clinical tests are divided into: 

Routine breathing tests 

  • Spirometry
  • Gas transfer test
  • Static lung volumes (nitrogen washout)
  • Reversibility Studies
  • Six minute walk tests
  • FeNO

Advanced breathing tests 

  • Bronchial Challenge – Mannitol
  • Skin prick test

Posters for GPs

General respiratory clinic 

We also hold general respiratory clinics where patients are reviewed by a Consultant Respiratory Physician. These clinics are currently running on the 1st and 3rd Friday afternoon of each month. In this clinic, we review new and follow up patients with respiratory conditions such as Asthma, COPD, Bronchiectasis, Lung Fibrosis, etc. We see patients that live anywhere in The Fenlands who have been referred by a GP or referred by clinicians in neighbouring hospitals - Peterborough City and Hinchingbrooke Hospitals.  

We also have a smoking cessation support service run by Healthy Peterborough on Friday mornings. This is for people looking for help to stop smoking. They can give advice on different types of nicotine replacement therapy and provide you with these products along with advice on other ways to help you stop smoking. They are more than happy to support people at any stage of their journey.  

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