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Our Chaplaincy team supports patients, visitors and staff throughout the Trust and is available for everyone, irrespective of faith, belief, culture or nationality.

We provide spiritual and pastoral care for patients, visitors, volunteers, staff and students which is compassionate, sensitive and appropriate to their spiritual, religious, cultural and emotional needs. This is so every person can begin to find strength, comfort, hope and meaning within their experience of life, death, illness, injury or circumstances, whatever their beliefs may be.

We believe that:

  • spiritual well-being and pastoral care are essential to promoting health and healing
  • respect and regard for spiritual, religious and cultural needs should be observed for every person
  • privacy, dignity and confidentiality should be shown to all at all times

We operate a 24 hour Trust wide on-call service with a duty chaplain always available for urgent needs or referrals.  We welcome regular referrals from patients, staff, families, carers and clergy.

Our Team

Lead Chaplain Rev Petros Nyatsanza (Anglican)

Rev James Thomson and Mary Hanna (Church of England)

Father Adam Sowa, Father Walde Smialek, Sally Smith, Father Karol Porczak (Roman Catholic)        

Tausif Khan and Aaisha Nawaz (Muslim)

Helen Bobrowicz (Baptist)

Rev William Booker (Methodist)

Rev Reuben Mugweru (Pentecostal)



Phone: 01733 673115

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Helen Bobrowicz

Mary Hanna