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* During this Coronavirus pandemic, visiting restrictions are in place. Please go to our visitor information page for more information *

Visiting times: Choose the ward you are visiting from the list below

Visiting guidance

Do not:   

  • Visit patients if you are feeling unwell, had diarrhoea, vomiting or flu-like symptoms in the last 48 hours      

  • Visit patients in the hospital, if the person you have just visited has an infection

  • Bring flowers, food or drink on to the ward

  • Sit on a patient’s bed  


  • Clean your hands before entering a ward, after contact with patients and when you leave the ward OR use the alcohol gel provided

  • Speak to a nurse, before you enter, if you see a sign on the door or bay that you want to visit – you may need to put gloves and an apron on before entering

  • Remember only two visitors at a time are allowed at a patient’s bedside    

At times we might need to:

  • Put visiting restrictions in place for the protection and safety of our patients. For example if there was an outbreak of infection       

  •  Ask visitors to leave for a short time, for example during ward rounds or if our patients require personal care       

Your ward staff will keep you fully informed. If any relative or carers would like to be involved in a patients care, please talk to our nursing staff. We are delighted if you or your family want to help care for a patient, especially if they normally help out at home.

John van Geest

Area of specialty: Medicine for the Elderly    
Location:  we are at the back of the hospital so please use the Uffington Road entrance. 

Ward Telephone01733 678345

Visiting times: 2-4pm and 6-8pm


  • Breakfast 7.30am-9.30am    
  • Lunch: 12.30pm–1.15pm

  • Supper: 5pm-6pm 

Hot drinks are available throughout the day.

Meal times are protected, but we do welcome families or care assistants to help with feeding patients if required.

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About us

John Van Geest is a Step Down Unit, supporting patients who may need ongoing treatment but no longer require 24 hour medical supervision. 

Patients transferred to the unit often have complex discharge panning needs or may be waiting for care packages. 

Your care plan is tailored to your specific needs and our nursing staff are committed to providing you with the highest standard of care at all times.

We have a communal area with dining and lounge facilities for patients and relatives to socialise with each other. 

We currently have weekly visits from Zorro the hospital's PAT dog,  John from Chaplaincy and  Anna-Marie who can give you a hand massage or paint your nails.

Unit facilities

  • Our ward has 22 single bedded rooms
  • The ward is divided into three wings, each providing same-sex accommodation    
  • Each room has their own en-suite bathroom
  • Each bed has its own television
  • You may bring your mobile phone or tablet with you, however please note that the Trust’s internet is not available to patients or public. Electrical items will need to be PAT tested before using please speak with nursing staff to arrange this
  • Patient confidentiality and dignity is a priority in the Trust which means taking photographs of other patients is not permitted