Amazon Children's Ward

Area of specialty: Paediatric

Location: Ground Floor, Women and Childrens entrance, Car Park D is the nearest

Ward Telephone: 01733 678401 

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About our services

The ward provides a comprehensive paediatric service both for elective and emergency care for all children up to the age of 16.

We provide specialist orthopaedic surgery, paediatric urology and ENT surgery and some specialist maxillo-facial surgery. Children with chronic disease continue to receive paediatric care beyond the age of 16 should this be required.

The paediatric High Dependency Unit (HDU) facility is used to care for very sick children.

Patients with complex needs

We offer a high standard of care to all children and their families, ensuring we provide the necessary amenities for children and families with complex needs. We have on the ward a hoist enabling patients to be transferred from bed to chairs or to the bath, ensuring safety of the patient and staff members. We have a bath that is height adjustable to allow easy accessibility for patients, also showers with seating and wheelchair access, and disabled toilets.There are several wheelchairs, two are specifically designed for younger children, available on the ward to aid in mobility.

Our staff

The service is staffed by a team of experienced registered sick children’s nurses who are supported by a number of health-care support workers.  There is a specialist hospital play team, specialist dieticians and specialist physiotherapists. The medical team is led by an experienced group of Consultant Paediatricians who have diverse skills and expertise.


We understand that your child's stay in hospital can be distressing and difficult for most families. Parents and carers are allowed to stay overnight in a pullout / portable bed by the child's bed. There are also a number of facilities for parents and carers on Amazon ward: 

  • A beverage bay -  there is a fridge and microwave. Tea, coffee and sugar are provided free of charge
  • A parents' sitting room
  • Trolley service to purchase essentials from
  • Parent bedrooms if your child needs to stay in the high dependency unit
  • A breastfeeding room within the ward and baby changing facilities.

Unfortunately we can’t provide any meals for parents and visitors. You can bring a packed lunch with you as there is a fridge available where you can keep it cool. There is also a coffee shop and convenience store in the women's and children’s atrium. In the hospital main atrium there is a WH Smith, a Costa coffee and a Delimarche. The restaurant is on level one, in core A.

Mobile phones and televisions

Mobile phones are allowed to be used on Amazon ward; however we do ask that you respect children and their families in neighbouring areas as calls can disturb patients and their families. 

  • Phones should therefore be used with consideration to others, we suggest they are switched to silent or vibrate. 
  • Each bed space has a free television (except  the high dependency unit) with a variety of channels to suit all ages. 

Play facilities

There is a variety of child-friendly facilities on the ward; we have a play room, soft play room, and sensory room which provide stimulation and normalisation for children while in hospital. These areas provide age appropriate activities for children aged 0-11 years, varying from toddler toys, art and craft to board games and lots more.

The 'den' (teenagers room) provides teenagers with age appropriate equipment in a separate area to the younger children; this includes PlayStation 2, X-box and board games. The room is a space for teenagers to relax in and socialise with other children of the same age.

There is an outside garden area that consists of a selection of toys and seating areas to encourage children and families to enjoy some fresh air.

Children must be supervised in all these areas.

Gadgets such as Nintendo DS, Laptops, Portable DVD players are allowed on ward, however they can only be charged if the plug is a sealed unit 

How to find us

The nearest car park is Car Park D, near the women's and children's unit. Come through this entrance and look for signs to Amazon ward - it's just a few steps away from here. There is a video buzzer on the entrance to the ward and when answered you will be let through to the entrance where you need to report to our receptionist.

My operation

What to bring into hospital

You may want to bring some of your favourite items with you when coming to Amazon ward:

  • Toiletries -toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, flannel
  • Clothes - underwear, nappies, comfortable clothes, pyjamas, slippers, dressing gown
  • Your teddy, comforter, special toy, activity (Nintendo DS)
  • Food or drink - your favourite snacks for after your operation 

After my operation

Being prepared for an operation is essential for recovery.  You may have received an information leaflet in your outpatients clinic – please refer to this as it will give you all the information that you require.


Amazon ward uses a menu system for ordering meals, snacks etc. The ward hostess will come to every child to take the order for each meal.

  • Breakfast is served between 7:45-9:30am
  • Lunch is served between 12-1:15pm
  • Evening meal is served between 5-6pm 

See our virtual tour

You can see what the unit is like and help reduce any fear or apprehension that is often felt when coming into hospital. Click here to take the tour!

How to find us

The nearest car park is Car Park D, near the women's and children's unit . Come through this entrance and look for signs to Amazon ward - it's just a few steps away from here. There is a video buzzer on the entrance to the ward and when answered you will be let through to the entrance where you need to report to our receptionist.

Visiting times

We actively encourage children and families to remain together when in hospital. Parents who wish to be resident can be with their child all of the time if they so wish.

Other family members may visit during the hours of 8am-8pm. We ask all visitors except those staying overnight to leave at 8pm so that we can let children and their families get much needed rest - rest improves recovery times.

We encourage siblings to visit but they must be supervised at all times by an adult. Siblings can use the play facilities and toys as long as they tidy up afterwards.

Additional information


Keeping children and families safe is paramount and we pride ourselves in what has been achieved on the unit. We operate video entry access and no access is available to Amazon ward unless you have spoken to a staff member. Exit of the unit is a button system which is high so that young children cannot reach it.

We have audio and visual systems in each of our cubicles. They are controlled by the family and/ or the nurse. They are usually turned off whilst families are able to be with their child.

If you would like us to turn the camera on if you wish to have a break please notify the nurse and they will show you how to do this.

Providing consent

Consent must be obtained prior to your child undergoing any procedure or treatment during their visit to hospital. 

Most operation consents are already completed at a previous outpatient clinic appointment. However on the day of surgery it is essential that a parent or legal guardian attends with the child. This person must hold parental responsibility. 

Tablets and medications

It is very important that your child continues to take any prescribed medications until a medical person tells them otherwise. Please discuss with your doctor at your outpatients appointment, the nurse at your pre-assessment or ring Amazon ward for advice on 01733 678410.

Any medications that are brought in for child need to be given to the nurse. She will lock them away and return them to you when your child needs them.

Your child may experience some mild pain when they go home after their operation. Please have some paracetamol and perhaps ibuprofen ready just in case. Your nurse can advise how much you need to give.