Our service

Healthcare Transition is the process by which we support you to navigate the healthcare system as you get older & move from paediatric to adult-based health services.  It’s a process during which we will empower you to improve you knowledge, take control & achieve your potential.

Here at North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust we believe that transition should be a gradual, personal process that respects you as an individual.  We will always listen to your opinions & concerns & really appreciate it when you leave feedback.

Transition isn’t just about getting you moved from children’s health services to adult health services – it’s about supporting you, as you feel the need, in all aspects of your life at what can be a challenging time.

How we do this will largely depend on you.  There are numerous transition tools available to us or if you need something different, we’ll work together to create something that works for you.  One really popular tool is Ready, Steady, Go which is a series of really straightforward questionnaires that help us identify any potential areas where some input may be needed.

Importantly, we’ll not rush you – transition is a slow, gradual process.  We will be contactable throughout - we’ll be here for you long after you’ve transferred to adult health services – normally until you get to around 25 years of age.

In very simple terms our job is to support you & to make your life a little easier.  We can be that consistent face at a time when you’re experiencing lots of change.

Paediatric Transition Service - Easy read leaflet