Welcome to Outpatients

If you were referred through the NHS e-Referral Service by your GP please ring the e-Referral Service Appointments Line on 0345 608 8888.

Open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday.

Open 8am to 4pm Weekend and Bank Holidays, closed Christmas day.

Text phone is also available for people with hearing loss 0345 850 2250.

Please note that you may receive a text message from our partner DrDoctor, reminding you of your upcoming appointment with link to more information. Click here to find out more information about our new digital appointment management system.

For all other appointment related enquiries please select the relevant tab below. Please let us know if you require an interpreter or any additional support at your appointment.   

*Please be aware that during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have reduced our outpatient appointments and will be looking at offering telephone or video consultations. You can find out more here
If you are expecting a call from any of our hospitals, please note that the telephone number often appears as an unknown number. 

If your enquiry is relating to Test Results, please contact your GP.

To see a video about our Outpatients journey, please click here.
Please note that you may be offered a telephone or video consultation where appropriate.  For face to face appointments, remember to follow current government Covid-19 recommendations.

Outpatient Appointments – 01480 847444 

Audiology Appointments – 01480 847465

Antenatal Appointments– 01480 847429

Clinical Physiology Appointments– 01480 428989

Dental – 0300 555 6667 

Diagnostic Imaging - (MRI) 01480 363741 or Ultrasound 01480 363733 Xray - 01480 416130

Haematology Appointments – 01480 363534

Oncology – 01480 416428

Orthopaedic Follow up Appointments  - 01480 418710

Orthotic Appointments – 01480 423136

Paediatrics (excluding ENT or Eye Appointments) – 01480 636151

Patient and Carer enquiries Transport – 0345 603 8117

Physiotherapy – 0300 5550123

The Woodlands Appointments - 01480 363507

Click here to provide feedback about your care

Click here for accessibility information
Click here for accessibility information

Outpatient Appointments – 01354 644244

Appointments Email - nwangliaft.medrecsdodd@nhs.net 

Medical Secretaries - 01354 644203

Medical Secretary email nwangliaft.doddmedsecs@nhs.net 

Outpatient Appointments – 01353 652015

Appointments email - nwangliaft.powmr@nhs.net

Medical Secretaries - 01353 652133

Medical Secretary email - nwangliaft.powms@nhs.net

You may be asked by a clinician if you would like to use our video consultation service for your next outpatient follow up appointment.

Click here for more information.

No visiting is currently permitted unless attending as a carer for a patient or with a child who is attending for an appointment.

This will be at the treating clinician’s discretion and only for those coming in for a particularly important or sensitive appointment, or for those acting as a carer to the patient being seen.

For information relating to our maternity services, click here.

All patients and visitors will be expected to wear their own appropriate face coverings whilst in our hospitals. 

All decisions are made to ensure the safety of our patients and staff as a priority. 
Thank you for your understanding.