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Changing or cancelling your appointment or Outpatient enquires

To cancel or change any other appointment or if you have enquires about an Outpatient appointment please contact the Outpatients Referral Line on 01733 673555 and select from the options provided.

Please note lunchtimes and Mondays are our busiest periods.

Alternatively you may email us  using the email contact in the table below depending on which specialty your appointment relates to. Emails will be responded to within 48hours.

More information such as parking and how to find us can be found here.     


The Trust has partnered with DrDoctor to introduce a brand new patient portal and text message reminder service designed to make it easier for you to manage your outpatient appointment.

You will now receive a text message to notify you of an outpatient appointment, reminding you of your upcoming appointment or inform you that your appointment has been cancelled, from DrDoctor. The text will be delivered from a +447860039092 mobile number, stating it is from North West Anglia NHS Trust. 

Text messages will include a link (drdoctor.thirdparty.nhs.uk/nwangliaft) to a secure patient portal, where you will be to see more information about your appointment on the new patient portal. This can be access on your smartphone, tablet or desktop PC.  You will also have the option to sign up for email reminders via DrDoctor rather than text reminders. You can find out more information here.

Team   Speciality Email Contact   

 Oral Surgery



ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat)



 Womens/Child & Support services  Gynaecology
Nutrition and Dietetics
Chemical Pathology

Medicine for the Elderly

 General Surgery & Orthopaedic






Paed Trauma


  • Diagnostic Imaging   - ring 01733 678384  then choose one of the below options      
Type of scan Number
 MRI  Option 1
GP/Nuclear Med/Urodynamics/Fluoroscopy/Dexa  Option 2
 CT  Option 3
Ultrasound Option 4


For specialities not listed please call the relevant service to change or enquire about your appointment.

Click here to provide feedback about your outpatient care at Peterborough City Hospital

Click here to provide feedback about your outpatient care at Stamford and Rutland Hospitals

In some specialties, you may be able to cancel/change your appointment via our online portal.

  1. Follow the link in your text message or visit drdoctor.thirdparty.nhs.uk/nwangliaft to login to our online portal
  2. To log in insert your name, date of birth and postcode. We may send you a one-time code to check it is really you. Enter this into the webpage
  3. Once online you can request to change or cancel your appointment
  4. We’ll review this request and you’ll receive a text message confirming if we could make this change or not

If it is too close to your appointment, or you need transport or a translator you will need to contact the booking team to change your appointment. Please find the contact details on the outpatients section of our website.

DrDoctor login screen.PNG

If you receive your appointments via text message, included will also be a way to cancel or change your appointment and it will say the following:

To change your appointment to a new time reply CHANGE, if you would like to cancel your appointment reply CANCEL, you will be asked to confirm your date of birth when cancelling via text to make sure you don't cancel by mistake.

DrDoctor - SMS screenshot.PNG
If you are receiving notifications via email, there will be a message at the bottom saying 'change appointment' with a button to click. 

Click this button and you'll be taken to the patient portal where you can reschedule or cancel your appointment.

DrDoctor - Email screenshot.png