Accessing Your Medical Records

The General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act 2018 gives you the right to access information we hold about you at any time.

We are required to respond to you in a month. There is no charge to view your records, or be provided with a copy of them. All requests will be disclosed under the General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act once all relevant documentation has been received.

If for any reason you would like access to your hospital health records, please make your request digitally using our new online SAR Portal. Click get started online, then follow the instructions to set-up your account or login if you have an existing account.

Requests are managed electronically and, once complete, patients will be able to view their health records using a download function within the portal, reducing the need for paper copies and DVD files to be created and posted to homes.

  • When making your request, please ensure the correct application type is selected. This will help the Access Services team process your request effectively.
  • Download the Requester Portal Guide and view the FAQs at the bottom of this page to help you through the process. You’ll need to supply identification as part of the request process - you can find out what you need to supply by downloading the Identification documents needed to access health records document.

For more information, please see the sections below:

Copies of Letters

You have the right to obtain a copy of any letter written about you from one healthcare provider to another. To receive a copy of your letter, just inform the healthcare professional treating you during your appointment.

Accessing A Deceased Patient's Health Records

The Access to Health Records Act 1990 allows certain individuals to request access to a deceased patient’s records, this can include:

  • The deceased patient’s representative, eg: executor of the will or administrator of the estate
  • Any individual (or the reprensentative) must specify what claim is being made, and only information relevant to them will be released.

To begin a request log in to our SAR Portal and complete the form titled ‘Subject Access Request on behalf of a living, deceased or child’s medical records’.

Request A Copy Of Your Records From Our Trust Hospitals

The requesting of medical records is now easier than before, simply log in to our SAR Portal and complete the form titled ‘Application for your own health records’. Please provide the following information to assist us in verifying your identity and locating your records:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • DIS or NHS Number
  • Proof of Identity – this can be in the form of picture ID – for example a driving licence or passport (They must be in date)
  • Utility Bill – confirming your address (Must be dated within 6 months)

FAQ's - Accessing Your Medical Records

Is there a fee for submitting a Subject Access Request? 

No. However, the Trust can charge a ‘reasonable fee’ when the request is deemed ‘manifestly unfounded or excessive’ or if it is repetitive. Fees will be based on administrative costs of providing the information. 

How long does the Trust have to disclose? 

The Trust must respond to your request within 30 days (unless advised otherwise by court order). 

An extension may be required if additional information is needed, or if the request is ‘manifestly unfounded or excessive’. The Trust may need extra time to consider your request and this can take up to an extra 60 days to respond. If this is the case the Trust will inform you within one month and explain why the extension is necessary. 

Will I always receive everything I asked for? 

Not always. The amount of information you receive depends on the circumstances of the request. You may receive only part of the information you have requested, or none at all. In such cases, the Trust will inform you within one month and explain the reason. 

Will I need to provide identification? 

Identification checks are required by the Trust for security, this is to protect personal data from unauthorised access.

Can I request my GP medical records from you? 

No, you’ll need to request your medical records directly from your GP Surgery. 

Will you know what my blood group is? 

We will only hold this information if you have had a blood transfusion at North West Anglia, you can book a blood test at your GP surgery to confirm this.

Can I request my medical records for other hospitals? 

No, we can only disclose medical records from any attendances at North West Anglia. You’ll need to contact the hospitals directly. Below are just some contact details for hospitals in our local area.