Conditions and illnesses we can help treat:

  • Atrial fibrillation

  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

  • Pulmonary embolus

  • Metallic tissue heart valves VTE prophylaxis

  • Prophylaxis in pregnancy

Hinchingbrooke Hospital

We provide a monitoring service for approximately 3,000 patients on Anticoagulation therapy throughout Cambridgeshire. 

Location: Bluebell in the Treatment Centre at Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

Your referral

Can be by a GP or hospital consultant and as soon as we receive it you will be given an immediate appointment by telephone.  

You will have direct access to a team of specialist nurses - all active members of Clinical Leaders of Thrombosis (CLOT).

Our team has maintained a 98% target for VTE risk assessment for more than 12 months.

Services we provide:

  • DVT service - we take referrals from GPs over the phone for DVT assessment and ask them for a Wells score (to take a D-dimer blood test and commence low molecular weight Heparin injections if positive). We organise ultrasound scans, interpret results and commence treatment once diagnosis is confirmed

  • Community anticoagulation clinics - we manage clinics at various GP surgeries throughout the county providing a capillary blood sampling technique with 'care closer to home'. We adjust the patient's daily Warfarin dose based on this blood result and send a letter to the patient (1st class)

  • In-patient Anticoagulation management - we provide perioperative management and monitoring for all anticoagulation, daily Warfarin dose for all in-patients and the phlebotomy team to take their next INR blood test, as well as discharge information and community follow up

  • GP patient Warfarin dosing - we provide a daily service for patients who choose to attend their GP surgery for a venous INR blood sample and send a dosage letter out to the patient (1st class)

  • Housebound patient Warfarin dosing - we provide a daily service, organising the district nurses to take a capillary INR sample and send a dosage letter out to the patient (1st class)

  • Direct Oral AntiCoagulants (DOAC) initiation and follow up clinics - we offer an invitation, 3 weekly follow up and annual review clinic service for patients on a DOAC

  • Patient education and counselling service - all new patients are offered a 30 minute education service on all aspects of their therapy

  • Advice and guidance telephone service for GP

  • Hospital and community staff education sessions

  • Advice and counselling to pregnant ladies requiring therapy