Nursing and Midwifery

Whether you’re seeking something new or are ready for a change, there are plenty of opportunities for your next step in nursing and midwifery at Team North West Anglia.

" Having a baby is one of the biggest life events, and I am lucky enough to be a small part of that journey."  Midwife at Team North West Anglia

Being a nurse or a midwife is to be part of something special at North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust. You instantly become part of a welcoming team that strives to improve and develop innovative practice, whilst keeping the patient at the core of its beliefs and values.

We have a wide variety of nursing and midwifery opportunities available across the trust, in roles such as adult surgery, adult acute and rehabilitation, children’s nursing and theatre nursing.

We believe that being able to develop first class services depends on our ability to recruit and keep staff whose values align with ours. We also recognise a vital part of creating first class service is that we support your career progression. The Trust are committed to developing nursing and midwifery careers and invest in learning and development opportunities, recognising individuals potential and developing our staff to be the best they can be.

By joining Team North West Anglia you’ll instantly belong to a community where everyone matters. You’ll receive the encouragement and opportunities you need to achieve your personal goals as well as the ones we share as a Trust.

Be the nurse or midwife you want to be and join Team North West Anglia, because whatever your experience, and whatever you want from your career, it’s all here for you.

Check out our current nursing and midwifery vacancies here