Welcome to Pharmacy

Our pharmacy team has over two hundred staff and we provide a service seven days a week to three hospital sites across our local community.   

Our teams include pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who visit our wards regularly to review the medications prescribed for our inpatients, working alongside the multidisciplinary team to ensure the medicines are safe and effective. They also support and empower our patients to take shared ownership of decisions regarding their medicines to get the most out of their treatments.   

There are a wide range of career options in hospital pharmacy. You will always be working alongside several different professions with a breadth of experience for their area, who are able to share knowledge and give support.    

There are many opportunities to progress your career into management, teaching or specialist roles within the hospital and work closer with the wider healthcare team (e.g., doctors, nurses). 

Our Services

Across all our specialist areas we have a dedicated pharmacy team comprised of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and support workers that are responsible for:  

  • Conducting medicines reconciliations and reviewing patient’s medication history.  
  • Counselling patients on their medications to improve concordance.   
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring of high-risk medicines to ensure safe and effective treatments.  
  • Ensure access to supply of medications when patients require it 7 days a week 365 days a year.  
  • Provide advice and guidance to the multidisciplinary team (e.g., dose adjustments, interactions, side effects, drug administration)   
  • Supply and monitor for effectiveness of medicines in outpatient clinics. 

Prescription Information

If your hospital clinician prescribes a new or different medication for you, they will either write to inform your GP (who will provide you with a prescription) or give you a prescription to take to the hospital outpatient pharmacy.  

Hospital pharmacy prescriptions cannot be taken to your local community pharmacy as they are not valid for use there, please ensure you collect your items from our hospital pharmacies. Standard prescription fees will be charged unless you are exempt. If you would like more information regarding prescription charges and to see if you are exempt, please visit NHS Prescription Charges

How we support other organisations

Thorpe Hall Hospice is a specialist palliative care inpatient unit in Peterborough providing care and support for people who are living with life-limiting conditions, as well as supporting their families. Our team provide both a clinical and supply service supporting medications in the personalised care plans for the patients.    

Our pharmacy stores team also provides a medicines supply service to our satellite sites situated in Ely and Doddington, providing outreach to our communities. 

The Cambridge and Peterborough Formulary

The Cambridge and Peterborough Formulary consist of a list of medicines with guidance on locally recommended drug choices. It has been created to assist in promoting safe, effective and economic prescribing across the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough health community. 

A career in Pharmacy?

Work Experience: 

For pharmacy undergraduates in their third year, we are happy to offer a week of full day placements in the Easter or Summer holidays.  For more information, interested parties should email with a CV and a covering message explaining their interest in Hospital pharmacy and our Trust.  Applications should be made at least two months before their available dates (which they should specify).   

We are also very happy to visit school and university careers events on request, please contact