Angiography Suite

Welcome to our Angiography Suite landing page. The Angiography Department undertakes services including diagnostic cardiac catheterisation, insertion of permanent pacemakers, implantable loop recorders and cardioversion.

We also work closely with the Cardiac Investigations Team and the Radiography department to provide transoesophageal echocardiogram (TOE), dobutamine stress echo, CT coronary angiogram and Cardiac MRI.

Angio Suite

Service Information

What to Expect

Before admission, patients attend the angiography suite and are introduced to the angiography team as part of the pre-assessment consultation. Patients are fully informed about their forthcoming procedure; medications are confirmed, and advice is given.   

On the day of procedure, patients are admitted directly to the angiography suite, where they will remain throughout their procedure and recovery. We will ensure that patients have a sandwich and hot drink, so they have the energy they need before leaving. The consultant will discuss a management plan with them to ensure that they are fully informed of the result of the diagnostic test and any recommended future management treatment options. 

We ask that, where possible, friends and family drop off and collect patients from the department.