Healthcare Support Workers Day, 2023

Wednesday 23 November 2023, marks Healthcare Support Worker (HCSW) celebration day, which shines a light on the invaluable contribution that all of our HCSWs make to their teams, to our patients and to the families and carers they work with every day.

Healthcare support workers work across a variety of setting across our Trust and they work in roles such as maternity support workers, healthcare assistants, theatre assistants and healthcare support workers.

Jo Bennis, Chief Nurse at the Trust said: "Our healthcare support workers are an invaluable asset, they are the bedrock of the care we provide on our wards and in our clinics. Healthcare support workers are colleagues who are working with everyone from children to adults in all aspects of the care that we can provide at our hospitals. It is why it is so important to recognise the incredible contribution all of our healthcare support workers make every single day in our hospitals."

In order to mark the day, we have spoken to four of our Healthcare Support Workers, you can hear about them, and their roles below: 

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Debbie Maslin

Debbie Maslin

"My role varies from day to day, we have regular checks that we need to do, but some days I work in day surgery admitting patients and getting them ready for surgery. Im my role I also help the nurses and doctors with anything they need such as bloods and NG feeds. I help with observations of our patients, and check with all the nurses to see if they need any drinks etc, I will do what ever is needed to ensure our patients are as relaxed and comfortable as they can be and that our staff can support our patients.                                                   

"I have been a Healthcare Assistant for 16 Years and completed my NVQ 3. I have worked on an elderly ward for 12 years then moved to Amazon children's ward and have been here for 4 years, which I love! I am married and have two daughters and three grand children. I love to spend as much time as possible with my family, I like to garden and do projects in my house. I also like to go on holidays.

"I enjoy the feeling that I get after have helped someone, even if it is a little thing. I know how traumatic it can be for patients and their loved ones, especially if their child is with us becuase they are not well. So I spend everyday, doing whatever I can to make the family's experience better and I am so happy to do it."        

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